Opinions about the events

At the 21st Construction Fair, which was held from 8 to 10 of April 2016, there was conducted a survey of visitors and exhibitors. The study of nearly 500 visitors and nearly 200 exhibitors.


More than 70% of visitors said that the fair meet their expectations. Among the good sides of the fair, there was a variety of exhibitors offers in one venue, professionalism, atmosphere, live demonstrations and the opportunity to expand knowledge.

Suggested changes by visitors were: increasing the frequency of the events, the number of parking spaces and access to Wi-Fi.

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70% of visitors plan to visit the fair in the future.

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Exhibitors had a very good opinion about the fair. More than half of the exhibitors and visitors said that in the next 10 years the Internet will not replace the fair.

Almost half of the respondents stated that the Exhibition and Congress Center is a good place for the organization of trade fairs. For the advantages, that exhibitors gave was prestige and modern space. Also, nearly half of the exhibitors would be interested in participating in the fair in Jasionka.

A third of the exhibitors believe that the reactivation of the autumn edition of the fair is a very good idea.

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Among the most important advantages, there were the atmosphere, service, organization, the size of the event, its prestige and a large number of visitors.

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Nearly 80% of exhibitors declared their participation in the fair in the future.